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The Home of 3D CAD Design

 Great design, Products that perform and with first class customer service

Tecsew, the Gosport based yacht canopy company who brought real excitement to the marine textile industry with their innovative use of 3D CAD design. For over 30 years they have delighted customers with their boat covers, canopies, sprayhoods, biminis and awnings.

“We take great pride in supplying many UK Yacht dealers and discerning private clients but always with the desire to make the very best products, well designed and with the best in production tecniques. We always use quality materials and know our products will perform and give years of service”

“After more than 30 years in business Tecsew lead the industry. Today we use our unique in-house 3D CAD design process to achieve outstanding marine canopies that are completely bespoke for each individual customer, as well as for boat builders themselves. This has been revolutionary for the industry and a great example of how over the past 30 years we have led while others followed.” explains John Bland, Tecsew’s Managing Director and the man with a passion for providing the high quality products and service that are the envy of the industry.

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html-email 06With a product range that spans all marine covers and upholstery and has naturally diversified into industrial covers and garden awnings, John and Ally’s can-do attitude has plainly infused the whole company. John’s wife Ally, who is Tecsew’s Financial Director, echoes this.

“We have a very strong company ethos inspired by John and that’s what I really love about the business. We use cutting edge design coupled with our own technical manufacture skills to improve quality and consistency, reduce delivery time and to give our customers real pleasure in their purchase.”

Tecsew also makes the buying process as easy as possible for their customers. Measuring up to have the very best covers fitted to your craft is straightforward and, as a customer, you quickly see your brief translated into a beautiful 3D rendered drawing.

From here you can tweak what you see, making the kind of alternations that, with traditional production methods, you would not have known you wanted until too late when the finished product had been fitted to your boat. With any amendments made, a further 3D drawing will be supplied for you to approve, before the Tecsew team fire up their CNC cutting machine and go on to produce your bespoke cover.

This professional, computer controlled process, means your cover will normally fit first time with rarely any need for final alterations.With such industry leading capability and great enthusiasm for its field, Tecsew richly deserves to celebrate its first rewarding 30 years. Together the team members look forward to the coming years and to continuing to push forward innovations which truly lead the industry, while benefiting their customers and protecting their crafts.

Yachting Monthly Award Their First Ever 10/10 To Tecsew

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Yachting Monthly

Yachting Monthly Award Their First 10/10 For A Reviewed Product To Tecsew For A Sprayhood And Cockpit Enclosure Custom Designed For A Twister 28 MKII

Award Top Marks
To Tecsew

Boat cover design and production, a behind the scenes look at Tecsew

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