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Boat Covers

Protecting your boat against the harsh weather in the UK is important to prevent your pride and joy from being damaged. A good quality fitted boat cover is essential to protect against any water, dirt and leaves, whilst avoiding the damaging effects from the Suns ultraviolet rays. Tecsew is the best choice for boat covers and boat canopies. We are one of the UK's largest manufacturers and suppliers of boat covers and canopies. We have been specialising in designing Boat Covers since 1984. Here you will find examples of our work most of which are available to purchase online.

Custom Made Boat Covers

We use the latest boat cover design technology which enables us to manufacture any design to suit your needs. We use quality boat cover materials that are the best in the industry. Market leading names such as Sunbrella plus, acrylic coated canvas, YKK Zips and 316 stainless frames are customised to suit. Tecsew tailor make boat covers and sprayhoods to the manufacturers specifications and to your style, whilst offering great service and great value.

Designers and Manufacturers UK

Our team take great pride in every boat cover they manufacture and fit. You can order your boat cover on a 'self-fit' basis or get in touch if you're based in the south and would like us to fit it for you. All boat covers are made to order, with an average production time of 3-6 weeks. We work with private yacht and motorboat owners, UK boat builders and many importers and would hope that we may be of service to you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Boat Awnings

Boat Awnings

Boat awnings protect the craft and its crew from the elements whilst in port and out on the water. They come in a variety of styles and have a number of functions depending upon the type you select.

Boat awnings are available in a wide selection of colours and patterns and can be custom made to fit your individual vessel. Some are secured using a stainless steel frame and some are designed for flexibility to allow the awning to be placed in a number of different positions.

Many boat awning fabrics are treated with a water repellent and you can choose from a variety of awning designs. Non permanant awnings are great for providing shade as and when it is needed, they also require less annual maintenance than fixed awnings as awnings are susceptible to extreme weather and they can be folded away during severe wind and rain.


Awnings like the Elan 434 Sprayhood Sun collection protect the craft from the sun’s glare and can prevent damage to wood decking and the fading effects of sunlight on gelcoat. They also provide crew with shade from the sun and some are made from special materials that are certified as giving Ultraviolet protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

They also help to keep the deck surface cool whilst the boat is in port and stop metal boat fixtures from reaching high temperatures.

Boat awnings can offer protection from rain and spray or UV, the amount of coverage you receive is dependent on the type of awning you choose as some are more suited to this purpose. They can also protect against falling leaves and debris.

Possible issues arising

With proper care, boat awnings are designed to last a number of years but maintenance is required to keep your awning in top condition.

Mildew and Algae are common problems. This can be remedied by using breathable materials that prevent the boat from locking in moisture and avoiding the issues that arise as a result of poor circulation of air.

The accumulation of rain or snow on a boat sun awning can put pressure on the frame and cause it to collapse. General advice with sun awnings is that unless specifically designed for extreme weather use, boat sun awnings should be removed for the winter months and stored in a dry environment for use the following year.

Boat Covers
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