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Evolving with Advanced Technology

John Bland with a 3D CAD designed Hanse Sprayhood
John Bland, Managing Director with a 3D CAD-designed Hanse Sprayhood


Over the years, our design methodologies have continually evolved, embracing the latest advancements in technology for unparalleled Boat Cover and Canopy design capability and quality.

At Tecsew, our CAD design expertise is the cornerstone in crafting premium marine products like Biminis, Sprayhoods, and Cockpit Enclosures. Leveraging advanced CAD technology, we engineer these products to offer unparalleled quality and precision. Our designs ensure each Bimini, Sprayhood, and Cockpit Enclosure is not just visually appealing but also superior in durability and functionality. Experience the fusion of innovation and craftsmanship with our CAD-designed marine solutions, redefining excellence in the marine industry.”

In 2019, we made a significant leap by integrating structured light scanning, and recently in 2023, we further enhanced our capabilities with the adoption of LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry. This continuous investment in cutting-edge technology has not only refined our design process but also elevated our product quality to new heights.”

Our past collaboration with Innovate UK, Portsmouth University, Greenwich University and a premier UK software developer in evolving our Parametric design software reflects our continual pursuit of technical excellence. At Tecsew, we are dedicated to crafting world-class marine textile solutions that embody precision, aesthetics, and unmatched quality to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Product Range – A Testament to Excellence:

“Our diverse product range, which includes high-end Sprayhoods, custom-designed Sailing Yacht Cockpit Enclosures, Motorboat Cockpit Enclosures, Sailing Yacht Biminis and Motorboat Biminis, stands as a testament to the highest standards in the market. Each product is a reflection of our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design.”

Motor Boat Cockpit Enclosures CAD designed by Nate at Tecsew
Motor Boat Cockpit Enclosures CAD designed by Tecsew

Global Outreach and Industry Collaboration:

John Bland, our founder, is committed to sharing our ethos of exceptional quality worldwide. He has tutored CAD design techniques to clients in the USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Europe, and the UK, spreading our philosophy of excellence. Our partnerships with leading industry players and esteemed educational institutions further underline our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

At Tecsew, we are not just creating boat covers and canopies; we are shaping the future of marine design through technological mastery and a passion for excellence. Join us in experiencing the pinnacle of marine craftsmanship.

Tecsew stands as a beacon of premium craftsmanship, merging cutting-edge technology with unparalleled quality, ensuring every product we offer is not just a commodity but a mark of luxury and innovation for discerning yacht owners.

Beneteau First 44 Sprayhood Dodger
Beneteau First 44 Sprayhood Dodger

Mr Andrew Field gave Tecsew the following testimonial:

We own an Aphrodite, a high quality Swedish yacht similar to a Najad. In common with many Swedish yachts, she has a Sprayhood attached to a fixed glass screen and an all over Cockpit Cover that attaches to the rear edge of the Sprayhood.

When new, she arrived from the yard with a well-designed, Swedish manufactured Sprayhood and Cover. Inevitably both items eventually wore out and replacements were ordered from a South coast manufacturer. Although these replacements fulfilled the required function, they lacked many of the clever details of the originals and the fabric was not of the same quality.

So when the time came to replace these items again, we were determined to obtain exactly what we wanted and spent a great deal of time researching the market. We came across Tecsew and as they do not exhibit at the Southampton Boat Show (due to manufacturing commitments) we opted to visit their manufacturing facility in Gosport.

We were very impressed with the amount of time that John Bland spent explaining how Tecsew operates and running through the numerous options available to us. We were particularly impressed with the use of state of the art electronic measurement that is then translated into 3D software, allowing the customer to see exactly what will be produced and to make changes, if required.

Quotations were duly provided and we settled on a new Sprayhood + Cover in Sunbrella Supreme with new stainless steel frames for both items.

John Bland visited the boat, took all the electronic measurements and discussed various points of detail, which included some suggestions for some significant improvements. We then received a set of both 2D and 3D images showing the proposals. We requested a few minor tweaks here and there, which were duly made and a revised set of images was produced. Once we were happy with all aspects of the design and the fabric had arrived from the USA, production commenced.

We are delighted with the very high quality of the end product and the fact that everything is exactly as we expected. We have since ordered a new Winter Cover from Tecsew and I have recommended Tecsew to other discerning boat owners.

In summary the whole operation is so professional & knowledgeable with great attention to detail and the whole process went through without hitch or delay.

Motorboat Cockpit Enclosure and Flybridge Bimini designed using LiDAR scan data
Motorboat Cockpit Enclosure and Flybridge Bimini designed using LiDAR scan data

Tecsew’s journey in advanced 3D CAD technology reflects its commitment to innovation in the marine industry.

Their comprehensive integration of diverse software systems allows the creation of detailed 3D models, including precise frame designs. This innovative approach not only ensures the production of high-quality, bespoke marine products but also streamlines the process from design to reality.

By generating accurate CNC files, Tecsew’s advanced 3D CAD models are meticulously transformed into tangible, superior marine covers and canopies. This commitment to cutting-edge technology and quality craftsmanship positions Tecsew as a leader in marine innovation.

Before the advent of 3D CAD technology at Tecsew:

  • Initial Customer Consultation: Face-to-face meeting on the boat to discuss cover design, shape, and height.
  • Manual Measurement: Accurate measurement of frameworks using traditional tools.
  • Digitisation of Measurements: Transferring framework dimensions into a CAD system.
  • CNC Framework Production: Creating frameworks with CNC technology for precision shaping.
  • On-Site Framework Adjustment: Adjusting and fixing frameworks on the boat for a perfect fit.
  • Canvas Measurement and Digitisation: Measuring and digitising canvas using traditional methods and CAD.
  • Canvas Cutting and Marking: Following CAD guidelines for precise canvas cutting.
  • Machinist Involvement: Detailed canvas preparation by skilled machinists.
  • Benching Process: Insertion of fittings, eyelets, and straps for functionality and durability.
  • Final Assembly on Boat: Fitting frameworks and canvas on the boat, ensuring accuracy.

New Method using 3D Design and Advanced Technologies:

  • Initial Boat Consultation: Meet on the boat, agree on design specifics, and digitally capture cockpit dimensions.
  • Design Development: Use advanced software to create 3D designs, aligning with customer briefs.
  • Collaboration & Approval: Electronically send designs for customer review and invite for in-office discussions.
  • Precision Drawing Conversion: Convert 3D designs into 2D formats for accurate cutting.
  • Framework & Canvas Production: Create a framework from CAD models and prepare the canvas for precision sewing.
  • Detailed Benching Process: Insert fittings, eyelets, and straps for enhanced functionality and durability.
  • Final Assembly: Fit framework and canvas on the boat.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure perfect fit and customer satisfaction, aiming for accuracy and efficiency.


Tecsew has significantly advanced its capabilities, now offering bespoke design solutions in collaboration with both boat builders and private customers. Their cutting-edge 3D CAD technology facilitates a tailored design process, ensuring each cover or enclosure perfectly aligns with specific customer requirements and aesthetic preferences.

This approach allows for the seamless integration of innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and customer vision, setting new standards in the marine industry.

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