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Beneteau Sense 50 Boat CoversThe marine textile industry has remained somewhat in the past relying on manual measurement and taking patterns to produce designs for several products such as Sprayhoods, Cockpit Enclosures, and Biminis. Typically, a visit was required to measure the framework and a second visit to install the framework and measure up.

This led to the production of a 2D drawing which, to the customer was not always satisfactory as it did not give an accurate representation of what the product would look like in practice. It was not always possible to change the design as the frameworks and patterns would have been generated, leaving only the positions of windows and zips to the customers’ discretion.

Tecsew wanted to give the customer the ability to approve the design before a frame has even been manufactured whilst giving our team the most up to date method to achieve the best possible design. Our customers are given the chance to approve the styling and aesthetics, and the ability to see a true picture of the final product. Since December 2009 many of our customers would have experienced the benefits of our 3D CAD design service.

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In 2019 Tecsew invested in structured light scanning technology and being the first in our industry to do so have developed and enhanced the process and have integrated the technology into our design and production systems to further enhance our products and capabilities.

After involvement with Innovate U.K, Portsmouth University and a U.K software developer, Tecsew embarked on developing their own Parametric design software which has started to revolutionise their design and technical capabilities. World-beating technology developed here in the U.K. by Tecsew!
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Mr Andrew Field gave Tecsew the following testimonial:

We own an Aphrodite, a high quality Swedish yacht similar to a Najad. In common with many Swedish yachts, she has a Sprayhood attached to a fixed glass screen and an all over Cockpit Cover that attaches to the rear edge of the Sprayhood.

When new, she arrived from the yard with a well-designed, Swedish manufactured Sprayhood and Cover. Inevitably both items eventually wore out and replacements were ordered from a South coast manufacturer. Although these replacements fulfilled the required function, they lacked many of the clever details of the originals and the fabric was not of the same quality.

So when the time came to replace these items again, we were determined to obtain exactly what we wanted and spent a great deal of time researching the market. We came across Tecsew and as they do not exhibit at the Southampton Boat Show (due to manufacturing commitments) we opted to visit their manufacturing facility in Gosport.

We were very impressed with the amount of time that John Bland spent explaining how Tecsew operates and running through the numerous options available to us. We were particularly impressed with the use of state of the art electronic measurement that is then translated into 3D software, allowing the customer to see exactly what will be produced and to make changes, if required.

Quotations were duly provided and we settled on a new Sprayhood + Cover in Sunbrella Supreme with new stainless steel frames for both items.

John Bland visited the boat, took all the electronic measurements and discussed various points of detail, which included some suggestions for some significant improvements. We then received a set of both 2D and 3D images showing the proposals. We requested a few minor tweaks here and there, which were duly made and a revised set of images was produced. Once we were happy with all aspects of the design and the fabric had arrived from the USA, production commenced.

All items were fitted in November 2010 and we are delighted with the very high quality of the end product and the fact that everything is exactly as we expected. We have since ordered a new Winter Cover from Tecsew which will be fitted in late autumn 2011 and I have recommended Tecsew to other discerning boat owners.

In summary the whole operation is so professional & knowledgeable with great attention to detail and the whole process went through without hitch or delay.

Tecsew took the decision to investigate a number of off the shelf products but most were not satisfactory in a marine environment.

What was needed was integration between various software packages to enable the complete product to be designed as a 3D model including the frames. This gives us the ability to produce the relevant CNC files to enable the 3D CAD model to be turned into reality.

Previous Method:

  • Meet customer on the boat to discuss design/shape/height etc.
  • Take measurements for frameworks.
  • Framework measurement digitised into CAD and transferred to CNC tube bending machine.
  • Frameworks bent and riveted to the shape required.
  • Completed frameworks taken back to the boat, adjusted and then fixed to the boat.
  • Measurements are then taken with pen and paper.
  • Canvas measurements are then digitised on CAD to the stage where tool paths can be marked for cutting.
  • Cutting and marking of the canvas.
  • Canvas gave to the machinist for completion.
  • Benching which involves the insertion of fittings/eyelets/straps etc.
  • Frameworks and the finished canvas was taken to the boat for fitting.

New Method using 3D Design Packages:

  • Meet customer on the boat, agree on height and coverage. The Cockpit area is digitised and points are taken where the covers are going to be fitted.
  • Points are transferred onto another package in-house. We then work to achieve the best possible design whilst working within the customers brief and generate rendered 3D images.
  • Images sent to customer via email for approval.
  • Drawing converted to 2D file for cutting.
  • Framework files generated from the 3D CAD model and transferred to CNC.
  • Canvas gave to the machinist for completion.
  • Benching which involves the insertion of fittings/eyelets/straps etc.
  • Frameworks and the finished canvas is taken to the boat for fitting.
  • Cover ready for fitting. Most of the time, no modification is required as measurements are spot on.


Tecsew now has the ability to work with boat builders and private customers alike to achieve the design that works for you.

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