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Beneteau Antares 13.8 Cockpit Enclosure, ref 1786

Beneteau Antares 13.8 Cockpit Enclosure

Beneteau Antares 13.8 Cockpit Enclosure

Revolutionize Your Boating Experience with Our Redesigned Boat Covers

Maximize Space and Comfort with Our Innovative Enclosure System

Embark on a new era of boating luxury with our completely redesigned boat covers, expertly engineered to transform your vessel’s cockpit into a spacious, fully enclosed haven. This innovative enclosure system redefines your onboard experience, adding valuable, usable space to your boat while offering unparalleled protection from the elements.

Redesigned Framework for Unmatched Internal Space

Our design incorporates a new framework that maximizes internal space without compromising the sleek lines and aesthetics of your boat. The thoughtful engineering behind this redesign ensures that every inch of space is optimized, allowing you and your guests to move freely and comfortably within a more expansive cockpit area.

Versatile Rear and Side Panels for Customized Comfort

Adapt to the ever-changing marine environment with our versatile rear and side panels that can be easily rolled up or completely removed. This flexibility allows you to customize the level of exposure to the elements, ensuring that your onboard experience is always comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

Enhanced Accessibility with Side Zip Arrangement

Experience effortless access to the forward deck with our side zip arrangement. This user-friendly feature significantly simplifies movement around the boat, providing a much easier and safer way to navigate the side decks. Whether you’re docking, anchoring, or simply enjoying a day on the water, our redesigned covers make moving about your vessel a breeze.

Optional Strut for Enhanced Support

While our redesigned covers offer exceptional stability and protection, we typically recommend an additional strut to support the hooped top frame for even greater durability and peace of mind. However, the client for this specific project elected to omit this feature, knowing it could easily be fitted at a later date if desired. This flexibility allows boat owners to customize the level of support to their specific needs and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Maximized Internal Space: New framework design significantly increases usable cockpit area.
  • Fully Enclosed Comfort: Transforms your cockpit into a protected, spacious haven.
  • Flexible Panel System: Rear and side panels can be rolled up or removed for customizable exposure.
  • Easy Access Design: Side zip arrangement facilitates effortless movement to the forward deck.
  • Durable and Stylish: Constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability without sacrificing style.
  • Optional Additional Support: The choice to add an extra strut for the hooped top frame at any time.

Elevate Your Onboard Lifestyle

With our redesigned boat covers, you’re not just getting a cover; you’re unlocking a new level of comfort, space, and functionality on your boat. Whether you’re entertaining guests, seeking shelter from the weather, or simply enjoying the extra space, our innovative enclosure system enhances every aspect of your boating experience.

Discover the Ultimate in Boating Luxury

Don’t settle for the conventional. Elevate your boating lifestyle with our redesigned boat covers and experience a new standard in comfort, space, and accessibility. Visit our website to learn more about how this revolutionary enclosure system can transform your vessel and enrich your time on the water.

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