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Dehler 38SQ Sprayhood with revised window layout, extra windows and window blinds, ref 5431

Dehler 38 Sprayhood with revised window layout, extra windows and window blinds

Dehler 38SQ Sprayhood with revised window layout, extra windows and window blinds

Custom Dehler 38SQ Sprayhood: Enhanced Visibility and Privacy

Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your Dehler 38SQ with our custom-designed Sprayhood, now available with a revised window layout, additional windows, and integrated window blinds. This tailored version not only provides superior protection against the elements but also enhances visibility and privacy, making your sailing experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Revised Window Layout for Optimal Visibility

Our custom Sprayhood features a revised window layout, thoughtfully designed to maximise visibility from the cockpit. This enhancement allows for an unobstructed view of the surroundings, ensuring safe navigation and the pleasure of enjoying the seascape. The additional windows introduce more natural light into the cockpit, creating a brighter and more welcoming space.

Extra Windows for Enhanced Light and Views

We’ve added extra windows to our custom Sprayhood, providing an even greater field of vision and increased natural light. These additional windows make the cockpit feel more open and airy, enhancing the overall sailing experience. Whether you’re navigating through tight marinas or enjoying the open sea, the improved visibility and light will make every journey more memorable.

Window Blinds for Privacy and Protection

Understanding the need for privacy and protection from the elements, our custom Sprayhood includes the option of window blinds. These blinds offer the flexibility to control the amount of light entering the cockpit and provide privacy when moored or anchored. Made from durable materials, the blinds are easy to operate and neatly complement the Sprayhood’s design.

Constructed with Premium Materials

  • Sunbrella Plus Fabric: Our Sprayhood is crafted from Sunbrella Plus fabric, known for its durability and resistance to UV rays, moisture, and mildew. This ensures your Sprayhood remains in excellent condition, providing lasting protection.
  • Outdoor Pro Stitching: Utilising Outdoor Pro premium sewing thread, the Sprayhood boasts enhanced durability. This high-strength thread is resistant to the harsh marine environment, ensuring the longevity of your Sprayhood.
  • Prime Crystal Clear Window Material: The revised and extra windows are made from Prime Crystal Clear material, offering clarity and resistance to scratching and clouding. Enjoy perfect views with materials designed to last.
  • Premium Zips: Equipped with premium zips, our Sprayhood ensures easy access and ventilation. These zips are corrosion and saltwater-resistant, providing smooth operation over time.

Tailored for a Perfect Fit

Designed specifically for the Dehler 38SQ, this custom Sprayhood with its enhanced features offers a seamless fit that complements the yacht’s sleek design. It provides a sheltered space in the cockpit without compromising on style or performance.

Upgrade Your Dehler 38SQ with Custom Features

The custom Dehler 38SQ Sprayhood with revised window layout, extra windows, and window blinds is the perfect upgrade for those seeking enhanced visibility, privacy, and protection. Embrace the ideal balance of function and style with this customised solution, designed to enrich your sailing adventures.

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