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Boat Winter Fishing UK

By Ally - November 18th, 2013 Posted in News , , , ,

If you are planning a little winter fishing this season in the sea around the UK there are many factors to consider. Changes in the weather can occur more frequently and without notice. Make sure your boat is ready and equipped sufficiently to deal with this.

Your boat canopy can take a serious pounding and as this will be protecting you and your passengers at possible very crucial times be sure it is not worn or damaged in anyway. If you see any of the seams starting to give way or fabric start to come away from the main fastenings that secure it to the boat then you should question if your boat could survive changes in weather. Your boat cover repair should be a priority, especially during the winter months.

Boat Fishing

The autumn is usually the best time of year to shore fish due to the variety of different species available due to the crossover from the summer and winter months. The types of fish you can expect to catch in winter include Cod, Coalfish, Flounder, Rockling to name but a few. These species are usually found feeding on the sea bed and so fishing using a bait at these lower depths are a tactic generally used to great effect. However half of the winter species swim in the mid water, and are caught using mid floated bait and hook. The UKs fish rarely grow larger than 5lb and sizes depend on the month and location you fish.

Winter Warnings

Be sure to educate yourself before venturing out on your boat as many kinds of fish you might catch could cause you harm. Many species have sharp teeth so avoid putting your fingers in their teeth and arm yourself with a disgorger. If you’re lucky enough to catch a Ray or Dogfish or even a poisonous Weaver fish, be careful of their spiky spines and return them carefully back in the ocean. Check sure your boats emergency first aid box is fully stocked just in case.

Boat Cover Support

At Tecsew, your comfort, safety and enjoyment is of primary importance to us so you can enjoy fishing in any season. We know the challenges that changing weather conditions can throw up, and test even the most experienced of skippers. If you are planning a winter fishing trip and are concerned that your boats Bimini cover or Cockpit cover is reaching the end of its serviceable life, it could be prone to letting you down when you least expect it.

Why not contact one of our professionals to discuss your boat cover options so you can fish with confidence this winter.

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