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‘Awning of a new ERA’ Tecsew Product Reveal

‘Awning of a new ERA’ Tecsew Product Reveal

Tecsew have revealed their new product for 2019, the Easy Rig Awning or 'ERA'.

Available in three sizes with a range of Sunbrella colours to choose from, the well-designed ERA will provide effective cover come rain or shine thanks to its superior fabric construction.

Creator of the ERA, Tecsew Production Manager, Douglas Twine has expressed his enthusiasm;

"The ERA is all set to go for this summer, and it has been fantastic to see the project through to the end. Going from being involved with the HMS Warrior restoration recently which was an incredible experience, to my own invention is something else entirely." 

Directors John & Ally Bland said, "Having the innovative ERA line available to our clients now is the perfect way to start off the Tecsew season."

For further information about the ERA, please visit: 


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