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‘I’ll have one of those too, please’

Neighbour at Kip Marina orders his own Cockpit Enclosure having seen the quality of Tecsew’s distance delivery service

Rod Conway has a Bavaria 34 with its original C&J Sprayhood. He is based at Kip Marina, Scotland, next door to Colin Frier’s boat.

He saw Mr Frier fitting his Cockpit Enclosure and was impressed by how easy it was and the quality of the work, and wanted to know who made the cover. Colin Frier was very happy to recommend Tecsew.

His enquiry was sent to via email and Mr Conway was happy with the price and placed the order. As he wanted a different height of enclosure to the one shown on our website, some improvisation was required. Tecsew owner John Bland had the original 3D CAD drawings of the Bavaria’s enclosure on the Tecsew website and so was able to use the drawings to tweak the height and design to suit Mr Conway’s requirements.

As before, the customer sent the Sprayhood canvas to Tecsew to attach the zips for the enclosure attachment, and then test fitted the enclosure on a matching boat locally before sending it up to Scotland, with a set of detailed photos showing where the fittings went.

The covers were dispatched for next day delivery and a very satisfied customer was able to fit the new enclosure over the weekend.

In Rod’s words….

"Easy it was! Great quality product, thanks again for everything”

Ally, if I give up my financial services company I can be your fitter in Scotland!"

Rod Conway



Self Fit With Tecsew - Customer Comments
New Comment Received at the Weekend!

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