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Self Fit With Tecsew - Customer Comments

Tecsew’s design service – distance no problem.

Measure, see 3D design, approve, make, then post with fitting instructions!

Excellent results guaranteed

Colin Frier was very pleased with his Sun Odyssey 379 but wanted to add a Cockpit Enclosure to the factory fitted Jeanneau Sprayhood. He had seen Tecsew’s work and contacted them via the website explaining that he was 500 miles away in Kip Marina Scotland.

Tecsew located an identical boat with a similar Sprayhood and measured this for a new Cockpit Enclosure. John Bland then wove his magic by converting the measurements to 3D design for Colin to approve (please see images below) and sent them via email. Once approved, production started with Mr Frier sending his Sprayhood canvas to Tecsew so they could attach the zips for the new enclosure.

Tecsew then tried the enclosure on the local Jeanneau and took plenty of illustrative photos for the owner to use as his fitting guide. The whole set sent via EXPD for next day delivery.

Please see the photos of the new Cockpit Enclosure attached below with comments from one happy owner. 

"Enclosure all erected and good. Very pleased with it and must say it would be hard to believe it could be a better fit, it’s excellent.

One of the biggest plus factors for me was when I realised you were not just going to colour match from some random range of fabrics but that you were going to exactly match the fabric with the Sunbrella Plus material of the Sprayhoods.

The enclosure attracted a number of admirers so I gave out your details. 

Fingers crossed you get some follow on business."

Colin Frier


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