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Meet the team at Tecsew!

Meet the team at Tecsew!

From the left is John Twine who is our Production Manager. He is well known as JT to all the staff and some of our customers. He has been with us nearly 10 years now. JT has lots of experience and is a very valued member of staff. JT is married and has two lovely girls. 

Next to JT is Paul. He has been with us since April 2012 as our frameworks fabricator. He has progressed so much since he started and has learned valuable skills. Paul lives locally and is a keen gardener. 

Standing next to Paul is Ally, one of our Directors at Tecsew. Many of our customers would recognise Ally by her telephone voice. She would be your first email enquiry contact if you have submitted an enquiry through our website. She sends the quotes, the orders as well as the invoices.

Next to Ally is John, Managing Director of Tecsew. John and Ally are married to each other! And they work together! They often got asked how they do it; married and working together. They have been married for 12 years and have been running the business together since 2006. John does all our creative cover designs and is often on a lookout for new ways of improving our designs. Together they have a son who is often seen at the factory during half-terms and the long summer holidays. 

Next up is Angie, our senior machinist. She has been with us for a long time. Her skills and experience are valuable, there is nothing that Angie doesn’t know how to machine and put together! Angie is married to Dave and they are often spotted at the local social club at weekends.

To the right of Angie is Adriana. She joined us in January 2015. She had no experience in machining what we make when she first started, but she quickly learnt the skills and is now a very competent machinist. Adriana is married and has a daughter.

Gail is next who is also a machinist. She has been with us since 2006 and is now a skilled and confident machinist. She helped Angie to train our new machinists. Gail and her husband are fans of motor biking and they often go to rallies.

Next to Gail is Marius, another machinist. He joined Tecsew in February 2014. In his spare time Marius is into his caricature. He has produced some excellent caricatures of various staff members and he has been featured in the local newspaper for his talent.

Next is Doug, our Floor Manager. Doug keeps production going in the shop floor. He would also be the person customers would ask for if they want their covers repaired or modified. Doug also goes out to meet customers especially if they are based in Gosport. He also works with the CAD Programme alongside our Director, John. Doug's skills and experience make him a valuable member of staff at Tecsew.

Standing next to Doug is Jenny; she is our most current recruit. She helps out in the shop floor and is steadily learning new skills and is becoming more confident in her work.

At the end of the row is Sebastian, but he is well known to all as Bruno. Bruno works alongside JT. He has been learning valuable skills from JT and is becoming more and more confident in fitting our covers now that JT often sends him out with Paul to fit. Bruno joined us in 2009. He is getting married to his long term girlfriend this December and they have a beautiful young boy together.

Southampton Boat Show 2015
Bruno looking very pleased after fitting a BMB Vir...

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