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Self-Fit Success Again with Tecsew – Hanse 320

By Ally - December 17th, 2019 Posted in News
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Tecsew have done it again with another self-fit success!

We supplied a Sprayhood recover for the Hanse 320, (with the original factory supplied Sprayhood) that was based in Seattle, USA. All correspondence took place mainly via email, leading to an order placed for the replacement canvas, which we happen to have on file.

He gave us time to make the cover before he flew over to the UK to visit a friend in Kent. We then couriered the completed order to his London’s hotel.

He took the cover with him on the plane back to the US and a few weeks later fitted it on the boat, and guess what, the cover fits perfectly!

This is an excellent example whereby if we have the patterns of the original items on file, we are confident of re-producing and covers always fitted perfectly. Our use of CNC precise cutting allow us to do so and we have the files stored in CAD which make them easy to store and repeat production can be easily be done.

Our customer is happy too!

I had a chance to visit the boat and try out the Dodger. It fits really nicely. You and your team did a great job!  Thanks again for your help.

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