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Why you should own a Sprayhood

By Ally - November 15th, 2013 Posted in News , , ,
Why you should own a Tecsew Sprayhood

Whether you cruise or race and like to venture out on choppy seas, having a Sprayhood fitted on your boat could save you from getting soaked to the bone.

Now that the warmer times of the summer have passed, it is more important than any other time of year to have a fully working hood to protect you from the bitterly cold sea spray and worst of the winter weather.

A Sprayhood, also known as a “Dodger”, functions much like a small hood over the front of your boat. It protects the hatch and offers protection to the forward most seating area. One of its functions is that it keeps the water spray out of this area which will make helming easier and more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your crew. In addition it will divert the head on wind above the helmsman. A well designed Sprayhood should also be sympathetic to the styling of the boat and enhance the overall appearance of your yacht.

At Tecsew we make Sprayhoods to order using only the best of materials and Computer Aided Design technology to ensure you have a high quality, long lasting and reliable Dodger that will add to the visual appeal of your boat

Avoiding a wet floor around the stairs and in the saloon should be a high priority as this could cause you or one of your passengers an injury. The most common accident on a boat is a slip, trip or fall so it’s your responsibility to minimise the risk as much as possible by taking all necessary precautions. Of course putting a wet floor sign to warn your crew of a wet floor is by no means an option on a boat!

When out on the water amongst your fellow boating chums, you can always tell who are those who look after their boats and those who don’t. A new canvas that dresses your boat up smartly goes a very long way in your boats overall appearance. It is usually the one thing that is noticed first as they tend to differ in colour quite dramatically to the rest of the boat. It is very important that the design is created to enhance the looks of your boat as well as offering practical protection .

If your Sprayhood has reached the end of its serviceable life, then now is a good time to consider replacing it. You could wait until Spring next year to place your order, however you could avoid the new season rushes and order yours well in advance. Of course you don’t have to have it fitted until next year and you will be ahead of everyone else in the queue!

Why not give us a call to discuss your specific Sprayhood requirements.

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