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Najad 460 Sprayhood redesign utilising existing factory fit framework, ref 1751

Najad 460 Sprayhood redesign

Najad 460 Sprayhood redesign

Redesigned Sprayhood for Najad 460: Where Innovation Meets Functionality

Tecsew is thrilled to introduce the redesigned sprayhood for the Najad 460, a testament to our commitment to enhancing functionality without compromising on style. Building upon the yacht’s original factory-fit frame, we’ve ingeniously extended the wings further aft, ensuring ample clearance for winch handle operation. We have also added bolt-on side handles to improve safety on board. This redesign not only offers improved protection but also integrates seamlessly with the aesthetics of the Najad 460.

Engineered for Excellence

Our redesigned sprayhood exemplifies Tecsew’s engineering prowess. By carefully extending the wings further aft, we’ve enhanced the coverage and protection provided by the sprayhood, ensuring that it shields the cockpit more effectively against the elements. This careful adjustment maintains the necessary clearance for a winch handle, showcasing our attention to detail and dedication to practical, user-friendly solutions.

A Seamless Integration

The redesigned sprayhood is part of a comprehensive suite of enhancements for this Najad 460, including a custom-designed Bimini, a Bimini Conversion and a Cockpit Enclosure. Each component is designed to work in harmony, not only with the yacht’s structure but also with each other, providing a cohesive and stylish upgrade to the vessel’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Premium Materials and Craftsmanship

Crafted from the finest materials, including Sunbrella Plus fabric for the canvas and 316 super mirror polished stainless tube for the frame, our sprayhood is built to last. The use of adjustable frame fittings allows for a tailored fit and easy adjustments, ensuring that the sprayhood remains a versatile and enduring addition to the Najad 460.

A Comprehensive Upgrade

The redesign of the sprayhood is complemented by the custom-designed bimini and the forthcoming cockpit enclosure, each adding a layer of protection, comfort, and style to the Najad 460. These enhancements are meticulously designed to elevate the sailing experience, combining Tecsew’s hallmark quality with innovative design solutions.

Discover the Difference with Tecsew

Embrace the fusion of functionality and elegance with Tecsew’s redesigned sprayhood for the Najad 460. Stay tuned for the addition of our cockpit enclosure to our website, and explore how our custom-designed bimini and sprayhood can transform your sailing experience.

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